On Screen, In the Flesh A Physical and Virtual Exhibition

              Alex CuffeEmma Berry & Liv Moriarty, Nunzio Madden, Evan Nilsson, Lou Ellen & Brooke Van Der Linden, Phil Soliman, Arthur Nyakuengama, and Trashy Club (Jamie Harrop) & a personal essay by Amie Green.

Evan Nilsson

Evan Nilsson’s multidisciplinary practice involves photography, textiles, painting, drawing, sculpture, puppetry, video and performance. Nilsson’s current work revolves around psychoanalytic theory and the paradoxes of subjectivity and subjectification. This work involves a personal archaeological enquiry through time into memories of transformation in psychology and identity. These transformations are visually mapped onto a rhizomic field of signification that accommodates discrete, categorically defined, actions of variable autonomy.

Evan Nilsson is a queer, non-binary artist born in Naarm (Melbourne), and raised in the Hume region of North-Eastern Victoria. They have recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts, and are currently studying Psychology and Ecology at the University of Melbourne. Nilsson’s most recent exhibitions include- a solo show: ‘Majesty’ at Trocadero Art Space in Footscray, and the group shows: ‘Toys R Us’ at Second Space Projects, ‘Línea de apago’ at Casa Lü Parque Hundido in Mexico City, ‘Emerge: Photographic Edition’ at Brunswick Street Art Gallery; ‘Group Conversations: Australia’s Shame’ at George Paton Gallery; and, ‘Proud’ at The Margaret Lawrence Gallery.