On Screen, In the Flesh A Physical and Virtual Exhibition

              Alex CuffeEmma Berry & Liv Moriarty, Nunzio Madden, Evan Nilsson, Lou Ellen & Brooke Van Der Linden, Phil Soliman, Arthur Nyakuengama, and Trashy Club (Jamie Harrop) & a personal essay by Amie Green.

Nunzio Madden

The original copy of this photo was taken on 24/05/2006 for a year 7 school project. I was 13 at the time and had been undergoing a conversion therapy process for two years. The subsequent versions of this photo have been doctored to remove my original features and superimpose alternate versions of my face based on AI image breeding. Image Breeding is the process of combining disparate image pixels together according to algorithmic patterns, in order to construct new images. These new "bred" images are born of old image patterns and do not necessarily represent anything that physically exists in the world (yet). Therefore, using image breeding I am giving birth to the image of myself.

Nunzio Madden (b. 1992, previously known as Natasha Madden) is a Slovenian-Australian multidisciplinary artist and musician. They graduated from the University of Melbourne's VCA Campus with a BFA and Honours in Fine Arts in 2014, majoring in painting. After graduating, Nunzio took on a diverse range of projects in film, painting, fashion, and sculpture. These projects involve obsessive and laborious manual processes to transform materials from everyday domestic life. Nunzio Madden is also a band member of Wet Kiss and Terminal Infant.