On Screen, In the Flesh A Physical and Virtual Exhibition

              Alex CuffeEmma Berry & Liv Moriarty, Nunzio Madden, Evan Nilsson, Lou Ellen & Brooke Van Der Linden, Phil Soliman, Arthur Nyakuengama, and Trashy Club (Jamie Harrop) & a personal essay by Amie Green.

Trashy Club (Jamie Harrop)

The virtual space is inherently queer. Digital rendering is a subversive form of representation, and will never fully adhere to corporeal norms. Collisions and polygons, everything and simultaneously nothing.

Trashy Club ( aka Jamie Harrop) is a Melbourne based digital artist specializing in 3D modelling and motion graphics. Trashy’s work revolves around ideas of virtual representation, digital existence and the uncanny valley.


"On Screen, in the Flesh" - Midsumma 2021 from Jamie Harrop on Vimeo.