On Screen, In the Flesh A Physical and Virtual Exhibition

              Alex CuffeEmma Berry & Liv Moriarty, Nunzio Madden, Evan Nilsson, Lou Ellen & Brooke Van Der Linden, Phil Soliman, Arthur Nyakuengama, and Trashy Club (Jamie Harrop) & a personal essay by Amie Green.

Emma Berry & Liv Moriarty

This work is about leaning, holding oneself up by holding up another. To lean on someone is to rely on another, the action becoming mediated and created by that relation. It’s a back and forth of matter through an interface, through a screen, over distance, over time. It’s a place to sit and rest and talk.

Liv and Emma don't like making work alone so they make it together. Their work consists of coffee breaks, emailing each other photos of things on the street, texts and bunnings trips.